Accessories for hydraulic presses

Quick change aluminum handle

The quick change handle is an accessory that allows the replacement of the entire series of dies (8 pcs) in a single operation letting the operator to quickly equip the machine.

Crimp force control

Crimping by force control can only be done on machines of the "ED" version and allows the use of the machine in 2 different ways


It allows you to set various pressing steps with different Ø. It is particularly suitable for those who need to reach the final Ø in several steps, for example in the field of tube tapering

Special voltage

Possibility to equip the machines with a special voltage different from the standard equal to 400V-50 / 60Hz.

Analog measuring micrometer

The analog measuring micrometer is required to obtain the correct final pressing diameter on the bushing. For "O" series horizontal hydraulic presses.

Double speed

Double speed, to ensure a high flow rate at low pressure and therefore maximum speed during the load approach phase and consequently less effort on the part of the operator.

Fixed rear stop

Adjustable support to be applied behind the machine head to send the tube to the stop before closing the press.

Automatic rear stop

It allows you to press without the use of buttons or pedal, but only with a small pressure that is made by the tube on the stop itself. It is used for pressing straight fittings and is highly recommended for

Visual support

Rearview mirror and video camera to have full visibility of the rear of the machine without any movement by the operator.