Hydraulic presses for flexible pipes

Hydraulic hose crimping

Hydraulic hose crimping machines are mainly suitable for connecting flexible or rigid pipes of different thicknesses and size…

Skiving machine

Pipe strippers are sometimes necessary to remove the lining, whether internal or external, of pipes that need to be connected…


Cutters are useful for those who need to cut the hoses to the size they need most. There are many types of cutters, more or l…


The cutters combined with skivers provide a great advantage by combining two essential hose processing products into one mach…

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Rolleri "Hydraulics & Hose" was born from the professional experience of Rolleri Spa.

In the vision of our company, customer orientation is increasingly central, which translates into an effective and efficient service and an increasingly broad and complete proposal of solutions for the industrial world.

Rolleri "Hydraulics & Hose" was born therefore, with the aim of providing hydraulic machines for joining and cutting pipes.

We are able to supply any model of machine, guaranteeing a considerable degree of quality, precision and safety, and managing to directly satisfy all the needs of its customers.

The Rolleri work team guarantees excellent levels of technical expertise for all proposed solutions, continuous assistance in the choice of products and a very widespread presence on the territory by our sales representatives.